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Rustic Dreams

Mini Gift box - Crystals, Bracelet, Essential Oil Roller

Mini Gift box - Crystals, Bracelet, Essential Oil Roller

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Introducing the enchanting gift pack from Rustic Dreams, a perfect fusion of nature's beauty and holistic wellness. Each meticulously curated gift box is a sensory delight, thoughtfully designed to evoke a sense of tranquility and balance.

Stay Wild Moonchild - Purple amethyst crystals 22 grams
- Rose Quartz bracelet
- Dream Roller.

Stay Wild Moonchild 2 - Rose Quartz crystals 22 grams
- Amethyst bracelet
- Dream Roller.

We Dance Beneath a Diamond Sky Malachite crystals 22 grams
- Fluorite bracelet
- Align Roller.

We Dance Beneath a Diamond Sky 2 Red Jasper crystals 22 grams
- Red Jasper bracelet
- Arise Roller.

Gypsy Wanderer Tiger Eye crystals 22 grams
- Citrine crystal bracelet
- Arise Roller.

Gypsy Wanderer 2 Smoky Quartz crystals 22 grams
- Lapis Lazuli bracelet
- Arise Roller.

Nestled within the rustic charm of the package, discover a sachet of hand-selected crystals, each imbued with unique energies to inspire positivity and grounding. These crystals serve as a tangible connection to the Earth's natural wonders, making them not just a beautiful adornment but a source of spiritual strength.

Complementing the crystals is an exquisite crystal bracelet, expertly crafted to embody elegance and mindfulness. This wearable piece is a manifestation of Rustic Dreams' commitment to merging aesthetics with well-being. The bracelet serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness between nature and personal harmony, bringing a touch of rustic sophistication to any ensemble.

Enhancing the sensory experience, the gift pack includes an essential oil roller. This roller, infused with meticulously chosen essential oils, is a fragrant journey that calms the senses and promotes relaxation. Whether applied as a personal fragrance or used during meditation, the essential oil roller is a therapeutic addition to daily rituals.


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