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Rustic Dreams

Enchantment Gift Box - Scented Soy Candles - Rose Quartz - Essential Oil Rollers

Enchantment Gift Box - Scented Soy Candles - Rose Quartz - Essential Oil Rollers

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A gorgeous gift box for you or a friend!  Value of $130

Contents include;

1 x Rustic Dreams Soy Candle {300ml}

1 x Polished Rose Quartz Crystal Tower {10-11cm}

3 x Organic Essential Oil Rollers - Align, Arise & Dream {10ml}

 Beautifully presented in a matte white magnetic closure gift box.


A sophisticated, sweet, soft smelling fragrance of juicy pear combined with creamy rich vanilla and a hint of musk.
- Sophisticated, reliable and everlasting.
- Defining long term friendship or love.
- Perfect for best friends and colleagues.

Peony flowers and their scent symbolizes the beauty of the marriage.
Another pink peony flower meaning is love at first sight.
- Perfect gift for Bridesmaids.
- New Love
- The love between 2 people.

It is Chinese tradition to offer lychees as a Lunar New Year good-luck charm because they are considered a symbol of romance. Some say it smells like a cross between a strawberry and a watermelon, while others find a blend of citrus and rose water but most find it tangy and juicy.
- A great scent for best wishes.
- A new beginning.
- Young, sexy and fresh.

A spicy but sweet aroma which is known to strengthen the heart and boost resilience.
- A gift to boost confidence and success. 
- Perfect for new beginnings and journeys.

Exuberantly fragrant spreading ripe plums and raspberries with a sensual hint of sweet vanilla bean and lively highlights of green melon and green leaves. It is a healing, caring scent, promoting growth and wellbeing.
- Perfect for self-care.
- Perfect for healing, repairing or rebuilding.
- Best for long term friendships.

A sweet powdery base note emerges with vanilla, malt, absolute jasmine and a woody touch of cedar. 
- A symbol of strength and reliance. 
- Devotion, everlasting bonds and reliability. 
- Perfect scent for friends or recognition and appreciation.

The Guava aroma can be described as fruity, floral, earthy, herbaceous, and sweet.
- Youthful, young and free.
- Perfect to celebrate graduation, adventure or coming of age. 
- A gift for the young at heart.

A scent that will take you for a walk through the Australian outback with authentic notes of lemon, pine and eucalyptus.
- Defining everlasting memories.
- Long lasting friendships. 
- Perfect gift for men, memories and remembrance.

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