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Rustic Dreams

Amethyst Gift Box - Rustic Dreams - Scented Soy Candle

Amethyst Gift Box - Rustic Dreams - Scented Soy Candle

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Contents include;

1 x Rustic Dreams Soy Candle in box {300ml}

1 x Semi-polished Amethyst Point (limited supply)

1 x Organic Essential Oil infused Bath Salts {300g} 

Beautifully presented in a matte white magnetic closure giftbox. 

~ Limited Edition Product ~

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Peony flowers and their scent symbolizes the beauty of the marriage.
Another pink peony flower meaning is 
love at first sight.
- Perfect gift for Bridesmaids.
- New Love
- The love between 2 people.

It is Chinese tradition to offer lychees as a Lunar New Year good-luck charm because they are considered a symbol of romance. Some say it smells like a cross between a strawberry and a watermelon, while others find a blend of citrus and rose water but most find it tangy and juicy.
- A great scent for best wishes.
- A new beginning.
- Young, sexy and fresh.

Exuberantly fragrant spreading ripe plums and raspberries with a sensual hint of sweet vanilla bean and lively highlights of green melon and green leaves. It is a healing, caring scent, promoting growth and wellbeing.
- Perfect for self care.
- Perfect for healing, repairing or rebuilding.
- Best for long term friendships.

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