Our Mission

Hi Candle Lovers! In case you are wanting to know the faces behind the brand... I'm Jolene and Rustic Dreams was created in 2014 after I started pouring soy candles and the journey started from there. My creativity and love for handcrafting candles with amazing scents grew, and throughout the years I have perfected my recipes for each candle I pour. It has definitely been a journey as the Leo/Virgo in me is such a perfectionist but can also be very stubborn and indecisive! Later on down the track, my partner Dave joined Rustic Dreams as he knew we had a quality product and there was no way this was ever going to be able to be a one person show as there is so much which goes on behind the scenes before you light your coconut soy candle! He is the one who sits on the computer for countless hours building and maintaining our website, designing all our labels on Photoshop and Illustrator while I try to get my vision across for each collection. Dave and I are both very much animal lovers and the dream of growing and having a self sufficient business was heightened after a trip to Indonesia where we rescued a puppy who was living in the cold mountains of Munduk. We reached out to some well known animal charities in Bali who were already inundated with too many dogs to help us, and finally were able to make contact with Mission Pawsible who was run by an Australian lady. She agreed to help us to re-home her. We named the puppy Mission. Ever since this experience and the fact that we already have two puppers at home (one being a rescue from the AWL), we have become even more determined to help as many unwanted dogs as possible. Our ultimate goal for Rustic Dreams is to grow this small business into something bigger so we can make a difference to the lives of more than just a few pups. All of our coconut soy candles and essential oil products are made by us with our ‘Mission’ in mind, which means they are made with lots of love and care. We are hoping our products reach the homes of like minded, nature and animal loving people. We hope you will love our products as much as we love creating them. We have included the story of Mission's rescue below for those who are interested!
{The Story of Misson's Rescue}
She was skinny, flea ridden, cold and shivering. Curling up close to the side of the scooter's exhaust as this was the only source of warmth. This cold side of the mountain of Munduk was far from town, saw no sunlight and was no place for a small, lonely and hungry pup. 
We were on an adventure to explore the Haunted Mansion in Munduk when we drove past an area where a few tourists would stop to feed a family of monkeys. Amongst them was a small puppy living off the scraps of food that the tourists would throw to the macaques. We gave all the food we had to her, while shooing away the aggressive monkeys.  She was nervous and uneasy. There was a small wooden hut there with an elderly couple selling rice to tourists to feed the monkeys with. We thought the puppy may have been theirs. We asked a young Indonesian man to speak to the old couple to ask if they knew who owned the puppy. They said no one. He told us that if we tried to rescue her that they might try to claim her to get some money out of us in exchange for her. We wanted to rescue her then and there but had no plan or means to do so. We continued on with our journey North East towards Amed with her on our minds. There was call after call ringing around trying to find an animal charity that could possibly help the puppy if we gave them the exact location of where she was. We finally found Mission Pawsible who told us that if we would carry out the rescue, we could take her to Sunset Vet in Ubud (2.5hrs away) and they would help from there. At this stage we were in Amed on the most Eastern point of the island. So we planned the rescue...
We left Amed a day early and headed to Ubud. The next morning we woke up while it was still dark and headed off on our rented scooter. We knew we had to get to the puppy by 7am before the couple got there as we didn't want any problems with the rescue. It was freezing cold and dark. We got lost through the back streets and ended up driving through some rice paddies on the muddy track and almost got stuck. Thinking the rescue was over before it even began and getting funny looks from the early morning local farmers, we spotted what looked like a way out and we were in luck. A few hours later we arrived not long before 7am. We looked around anxiously for her but she was nowhere to be seen. All of a sudden she seemed to appear out of nowhere as if she knew we were there for her. We had bought a backpack from a Bali street vendor the day before so we had something to carry her in. We threw a towel over her so she wouldn't freak out and bite us, then grabbed her and placed her inside the backpack with her little face sticking out. She seemed so calm and relaxed as it must have been the warmest she had ever felt! 
We drove all the way back to Ubud and over to Sunset Vet where we were met by the founder of Mission Pawsible. As we were paying the costs of the veterinary care we were asked what her name was. We decided to name her 'Mission' as it was one hell of a mission to plan and carry out the rescue! It was also a fitting name as we couldn't have done it without the help of the Mission Pawsible animal charity. Within the week a young local girl who lived a few hours away saw her on one of Mission Pawsible's Instagram stories and decided to give her the forever home that she deserved. Mission complete!
Mission Pawsible's motto is 'together we can save them all'.